Find out how much your company data is worth

Data is ubiquitous and available in different forms. By combining and visualising it, it builds patterns which, when networked with new data sources, once again builds new patterns. Martin Gerber explains how these can be used and what this means for the hidden value in company data.

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Dare to Bare – Bare Metal Container

The simplest setup is often the most effective. This also applies to Cloud infrastructures. If you are relying on performance when operating your containers, and have larger workloads, you should consider running your containers on bare metal instead of using Cloud instances or virtual machines (VM) as layers between the containers and the physical servers.

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The Cloud is Someone Else’s Computer

Storing data in the Cloud means that you can lose control of your data. Many companies forget
about all of this very quickly when the first positive effects of cloud computing are seen.
It is, however, important to address some key issues relating to your own data before entrusting it
to someone else.

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