For the first time in April 2014, Acceleris was certified according to ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001, thus setting an important milestone in its company history. As a result Acceleris gained more efficient processes and clear structures. A year later, Acceleris was certified under ISO 14001- environmental management and finalized another certification in February 2016 – ISO 27018. This is our clear statement and commitment for data security in the Cloud. We strive to efficiently counteract against current insecurities: our customer’s data are treated with the highest confidentiality code under swiss data protection act .

Acceleris is the only swiss ICT-company of its size with these five certifications. The validity of these certifications enclose all subsidiaries of Acceleris – in Switzerland and Bucarest (Romania).

Many reasons speak for the introduction of a management system. They include the establishement of guidance management. These tools optimize the process by which the right tasks are executed at the appropiate time with right allocated resources. In other words:

  • stronger customer orientation
  • process- oriented approach within the organization
  • reduced costs and efficient use of resources
  • improving employee motivation and therefore increasing company value comprehensibly

Our standardized service-processes such as change management are streamlined under international best practices. Annual external audits performed by recognized independent certification bodies such as Quality Austria and CIS (Certification and Information Security) mirror our efforts for constant improvement. These achievements are directly translated into best practices to guarantee customers are always satisfied.

ISO 9001: ISO 9001 sets out the requirements for a quality management system. It ensures clients are guaranteed international and economic quality principles. A clear definition for roles and allocation of responsibilities within the company represent examples of this standard. The inherent process-oriented approach ensures a more efficient way to work. The essense of this standard is based on continual development and improvement: For our management it means pursueing a clear company strategy and thoroughly planning the financial year.

ISO 14001: The goal of ISO 14001 is the promotion of environmental protection and the prevention of environmental pollution. Measures based on this norm fulfill the requirements needed for a management system. With this certification Acceleris AG sets a clear statement and commitment to an environmentally conscious behavior. We set clear goals for environmental protection und strive for the continous improvement of environmental performance. Our clients have the assurance, that we conform to environmental relevant laws and that further related obligations are being respected.

ISO 20000: ISO 20000 is the world wide employed standard for IT- Service management system. Its objectives reside in being a reliable partner to our clients by means of a professionalised service management. Our company activities are directed towards the delivery of first class services. Our service quality and service management are regularly assessed, continuously improved and enhanced. Next to strongly living our processes, internal guidelines facilitate a very efficient and matured service management system within our company.

ISO 27001: This norm specifies the requirements for optimizing and maintaining an information security system. Data security is one of the highest priorities within Acceleris AG. In this respect, security threats are regularly analysed, assessed and where necessary eliminated or minimized based on approrpiate risk strategy methods. The ISO 27001 standard demands that external third parties regularly assess our organization’s informations security systems. Our clients rest assured, that all relevant and applicable data protection laws and regulations according to swiss law are being met at all times.

ISO 27018: This norm was established only since 2014 and regulates the code of practice for personal identifiable data and protection controls for public cloud computing services. This certification is a conscious chosen trait of distinction between us and our competitors and gives our clients a further compelling reason to choose Acceleris as a trusted partner. Customer benefits are numerous; in essence our cloud services are regulary audited by independent security authorities, all data transfers are encrypted and clients have access to their data at all times with the possibility to modify or delete their own data. All these measures are set in place to meet the requirements of applicable legislation and regulations covering the protection of personal data at all times.

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