Thomas Neidhart, Development,

In the beginning we had concerns to outsource our data since confidentiality and security of our ERP-software a top priority. With Acceleris we found a reliable partner, who met our high safety and quality standards. Moreover, Acceleris convinced us with an excellent support service and a very competent hotline.

Felix Burri, CEO, SugarMountain

In terms of operating and maintaining business applications, Acceleris is the ideal partner for SugarMountain as  all requirements concerning availability and data security are fulfilled.

Samuel Bissig, Development Engineer, Toradex AG

Acceleris gave us the opportunity to test Netapp’s systems over a longer period of time. The implementation of the project ran very smoothly. We got support outside of office hours and on weekends. Actually, we still get proactive support and are very happy with the overall solution.