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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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Infrastructure as a service is the foundation of cloud computing. Instead of investing in an expensive data centre infrastructure, rent your space in our virtual data centre. You can choose between different sizing in a completely flexible and individual manner. You can also choose what kind of support you want: will normal office hours be sufficient or do you need 24/7 support?

Your Benefit

The virtualisation platform operated by Acceleris is located in Switzerland and is 100% owned by Acceleris AG. This allows you to be sure that your data is stored in Switzerland and will remain in Switzerland. We take care of the hardware and its maintenance; we also ensure that the servers operate properly and in a stable manner.

Our Services

  • Windows or Linux Server
  • Variable core, memory and disk sizes
  • Including Backup
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