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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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Remote Backup

In many cases, data is stored in only one location with the backup also completed in the exact same location. But what do you do in case your most valuable data are destroyed by fire or water damage despite backup? That’s where Acceleris Remote Backup steps in! We mitigate that risk by additionally storing your data in a Swiss-based data center. In case of failure of the primary site, data loss is minimized.

Your Benefits

We jointly design your Remote Backup and define how and when backups are applied. The technology used is carefully assessed. The result: Primary backups can be applied in Acceleris data center, in no time.

Our Services

  • Definition of requirements
  • Calculation of required storage space and throughput
  • Implementation of Remote Backup environment
  • Operation and monitoring of backups
  • Find more information about Remote Backup as a Service
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