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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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Business Continuity & Management

Has the worst case scenario about your business ever crossed your mind: What happens when your company site burns down? How long will it take for you to become operational again? How great is the impact from loosing data? Is your data even saved at a remote location? Do you have a viable recovery plan in place to get your IT up and running as quickly as possible?

Your Benefits

The main purpose of BCM is to align the robustness of IT to your business needs. For business today, a total IT-site failure equals business-on-hold. If the web page, the web shop, phones, e-mails and FAX no longer work, you are cut off from the environment and potential revenue losses add up very quickly. A sound and coherant BCM concept demonstrates how IT operations can be up and running in few days at a secondary site. Key to this concept is the remote backup, which ensures that all data are securely saved at a remote location. With the help of these data server systems are quickly restored and made available.

Our Services

  • Survey of the BCM requirements
  • Elaboration of a BCM concept
  • Establishment of restart plans
  • Documenting and testing of the plans
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