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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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How safe is your data? When was the last time you controlled the logs on your firewall or applied important security updates? Are your employees aware of how to deal with sensitive information? Have you ever considered the business impacts in case secret data is stolen or misused?

Your Benefits

Creating a comprehensive security concept is a challenging task and needs a lot of experience. Evaluating and minimizing of technical risks is just half of the equation – employees need to be tightly integrated into this process. Namely, employees contribute to the security of data.

Our Services

  • Creating a risk matrix for IT Services
  • Identification of potential vulnerabilities
  • Develop a concept for minimizing permanent Security Risks
  • Develop and implement Awareness Training for employees
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