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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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Red Hat OpenStack

OpenStack is the most advanced, fully automated IaaS platform available today. Through a WebGUI, all essential functions can be performed, such as creating networks, booting virtual servers, customising firewall rules, and configuring storage. Within minutes, you will have created and configured a complete production environment.


The planning and implementation of an OpenStack platform requires expertise and experience. Productive operation also requires taking into account other aspects, such as monitoring and backup. Should errors happen during the planning phase, this will ultimately result in additional re-engineering work.

Our Experience

Our hands-on experience in planning, calculating and implementing OpenStack platforms guarantees you a targeted and results-oriented implementation of your project. Acceleris has its own Red Hat OpenStack environment, which is operated as a public cloud: therefore, you have the chance to directly benefit from these experiences.

Your Benefit

The benefits of an automated IaaS platform are enormous:
Fast and fully automated deployment of servers within minutes, complete control over the resources used, as well as integrated capacity management.
In addition, you can benefit from Acceleris’ daily experience in operating its own Cloud.

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