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Based on leading technologies from different manufacturers Acceleris offers complete methods and solutions to implement best-in class technology solutions. Our “best practice” approaches have been tried and tested repeatedly and guarantee a reduced time-to-market for our customers.

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Solutions & Services for SME

Cloud & IT Operation

Your benefit

  • Cost reduction thanks to shared use of resources. Lower support costs due to professional operation based on ITIL. Higher service availability because of more redundant infrastructure. Higher security through regular reviews by experts.

Our services

  • We operate our own Cloud infrastructure NUBIQ in Switzerland
  • Cloud services for StartUps and SMEs (VDI, Hosted Exchange, Owncloud, etc.) with individual support
  • We provide platform services for software houses (ISV)
  • We provide infrastructure services for enterprise customers
  • Single tenant or multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure

Why Acceleris

  • More than 10 years of experience in building IT infrastructures for major customers like Swisscom, Post, Federal Government etc. Direct business relations with more than 40 suppliers and certifications according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.
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Oracle DynDB Services

Agility requires virtualization. As a result, compliant and cost-effective licensing may become challenging. This is where the Dynamic Database Platform (DynDB) steps in: The solution combines holistic infrastructure and database orchestration with an integrated license management. This guarantees your license costs stay in check – at all times.

Your benefits

Redefine flexibility with DynDB. Dynamically add resources or remove resources to databases whilst controlling your licence costs. What you get is a revolutionary solution to use Oracle databases as a dynamic service. With DynDB, service providers and IT departments potentially slash the highest licence costs, gain greater flexibility and ad-hoc responsiveness.
The results: Highly granular licensable databases and lowest possible license fees. Regain the value of databases you once invested in with dynamic Database as a Service (DBaaS).

Our services

  • LMS compliant reports at your fingertips
  • Quick operational DBaaS solution with little implementation effort
  • Holistic approach to orchestration, granular DB licensing, license allocation and audit reports
  • DBaaS and application-as-a-Service in a single solution
  • Aggregation of all relevant data sources for operation and business for seamless and efficient integration within overall operation
  • Universal infrastructure orchestration for all common server virtualization and storage manufacturers
  • Faster time-to-market through flexibility, dynamism and self-service
  • Overview of the DB landscape – horizontally and vertically

At a glance

  • Granular licensing of Oracle databases
  • Orchestration and dynamic scaling of databases
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Integrated license management, Monitoring & Audit
  • IT infrastructure orchestration
  • Self-Service with configurator
  • Billing and charging, approved/specialised for Oracle licensing models
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Cloud Management

Managing enterprise cloud environments requires far more sophisticated workflows, than the usual available hypervisor workflows. Complex landscapes need to be created, dependencies of workflows and systems need to be considered and dissolved. In addition, all systems with heterogeneous landscapes have to be seamlessly integrated and cover all IT service management processes built upon technical workflows.

Your benefit

Cloud management is a transparent service of ready to use infrastructure resources and solutions. This service uses standard functionalities to execute complex workflows. Users are not impacted. To provision sophisticated cloud management services, we offer easy consumption tools for Infrastructure as a Service and Storage as a Service models. With our Landscape as a Service concept, we focus on offering our clients the ability to simply manage complex, turnkey and multi-level enterprise application landscapes. End-users manage their applications via our self-service portal NUBIQ. Our concept allows to alignment of single individual systems to form a complete solution. This solution is encapsulated in its own network, where it offers you security, privacy and a high degree of freedom in private and public clouds. Our Landscape as a service concept is based on a lifecycle management which enables smooth IT operations.

Our Servcies

  • Integration of the entire technology stack for the use of all systems in a workflow ( i.e. Storage – based cloning
  • Advanced mapping of physical to virtual environments and vice versa
  • Allocation of client resources as well as the possibility to assigne a quota for storage use and compute capacity
  • Integration of Enterprise Storage for rapid deployments of production, test and training environments.
  • Customer-tailored workflow adjustments and integration of internal systems

At a glance

  • Out-of -the-box workflows for complex enterprise applications
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Integration of business processes and IT Service Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Metering and Billing
  • Private , Public and Hybrid Cloud Enablement
  • Capacity Management and Reporting
  • Security and Identity Management

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Remote Management

Unsure of how to ensure the operation of your on-site IT infrastructure? In desperate need to gurantee 24/7 operational support service?

Your benefits

Our savvy skills and know-how in managing long distance IT infrastructures, propel us to be the best in the operation of your IT – whether from Switzerland or from our location in Romania. For us information security is a top priority and to ensure this at all times, access to data by our employees is highly regulated.

Our services

  • Establishment of remote operational concept geared towards optimal performance benchmark
  • Remote operation of your IT infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring of your IT infrastructure
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Infrastructure Outsourcing

Ever asked yourself how today’s top business performers focus on their core competencies and strategically set themselves apart from their competitions? Given the rapid technological development, more and more companies find the idea of outsourcing complex information and communication infrastructure to a partner with deep competence level in the field of information technology, highly appealing.

Your benefits

With extensive years of experience in the design, implemention and operation of IT infrastructures – Acceleris uses this practical knowledge to efficiently implement tailored outsourcing services and meet unique needs . Today our aim is for you to realize the full business value of your investments with a cost-effective and high-quality outsourcing strategy – Regain flexibility and free up your value-added resources.

Your services


  • Complete analysis of customer need/requirements
  • Individual re-designing of architecture
  • Project planning and project implementation
  • Support on customer’s premises
  • Competent management
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Network Management

Are you having trouble securing stable and reliable network performance and bandwidth? As you can’t compromise on meeting the needs of your customers and business, neither can your network! The network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Whether your dealing with firewalls, VPNs, wireless, routing or switching: We help you adreess issues as they arise and support you in the evaluating, planning and implementing a professional Network Management.

Your benefits

With our experienced and certified employees, we take care of analyzing, designing, resolving chronic issues in your mission critical network. With a fine tune and small key tweaks considerable performance improvement can be achieved. We guarantee long-term support with professional problem root-cause report of the network layout. Moreover, a dedicated engineer will provide monitoring service for your systems – if necessary on every single network component. In case of malfunction, troubleshooting is performed immediatly (reaction and support time based on SLA).

Our services

  • Complete requirement analysis
  • Redesign of new network or design
  • Implementation of network
  • Installation / configuration of remote monitoring
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Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS builds the foundation of cloud computing. Instead of investing in costly data center infrastructure, rent your personal spot in our virtual data center. Completely flexible and tailored to your needs, you can choose the appropriate sizing. When it gets down to support – You have the choice: Are you the 9-5 type or rather an all-rounder (24/7)?

Your benefits

Our virtualization platform NUBIQ is located in Switzerland and is to a 100% owned by the Acceleris AG. You can be sure that your data is stored in Switzerland and stays in Switzerland. We make hardware and its maintainance our business and ensure that your servers are properly provisioned, reliable and stable.

Our services

  • Windows or Linux Server
  • Variable Core, Memory and Disk spaces
  • Backup included
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Remote Monitoring

In many cases, monitoring of IT equipment does not receive the demanded attention. Errors are noticed, only when users cease to be able to work because of malfunctions of equipments such as switches or servers. Continuous monitoring of components aid to implement corrective measures – even before problems arise. For instance – if a hard disk runs out of space, it is possible to proactively increase filesystems or install new disks.

With our remote monitoring service, we adress this issue proactively. We monitor your mission-critical infrastructure from a distance and take preventive and counteractive actions where erros occur.

Your benefit
At Acceleris we have extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of monitoring environments. We believe many of IT issues that businesses run into, can be solved in advance – with our deep field knowledge we are able to essentially increase the availability of your IT services.

Our services

  • Design of Remote Monitoring
  • Implementation
  • Design of escalation paths
  • Monitoring of services based on SLA
  • Availability reports and analysis
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Operation Support

Need support in the operation of your IT infrastructure? Or maybe just extend your support for a specific period of time to a 24/7 model? Sometimes its simple problems of our the-day-to-day business that form the intersection between excellency and deep desperation. Good to know that with Acceleris you have found a partner who got you covered.

Your benefits

We offer customized SLAs tailored precisely to your needs. Our experience with heterogeneous platforms gives you the freedom back to manage your various operational tasks. Our operational support services can ideally be combined with remote monitoring and thus further increase value to your operation.

Our services


  • Analysis of existing IT infrastructure
  • Documentation (to guarantee perfect referral manuals for your organization)
  • Setup of the SLA’s based on defined parameters
  • Proactive or Reactive operation services
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Remote Backup

In many cases, data is stored in only one location with the backup also completed in the exact same location. But what do you do in case your most valuable data are destroyed by fire or water damage despite backup? That’s where Acceleris Remote Backup steps in! We mitigate that risk by additionally storing your data in a swiss-based data center. In case of failure of the primary site, data loss is minimized.

Your benefits

We jointly design your Remote Backup and define how and when backups are applied. The technology used is carefully assessed. The result: Primary backups can be applied in Acceleris data center, in no time.

Our services


  • Definition of requirements
  • Calculation of required storage space and throughput
  • Implementation of Remote Backup environment
  • Operation and monitoring of backups
  • Find more information about Remote Backup as a Service : –> Brochure BaaS
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