Success Story AG

Situation and background AG offers modern, innovative business software for small and middle-size enterprises. In the context of renewing its entire server installation, AG also evaluated SaaS Models. Thanks to its comprehensive offering, Acceleris was able to act as a single point of contact and cover all business critical areas for AG.


Acceleris provided ProFinance with a secure Cloud platform environment. Besides, servers required for development and operation of their ERP – solution, other areas such as Exchange, the Website, FTP Server and the entire file storage have found their way into the Acceleris Cloud.


  • The massive reduction of internal operational resources for the server resulted in an increased focus on core business of AG as well as the development of its ERP solution.
  • For AG, mobility and external access to their data was an important factor which was excellently adressed with Acceleris’ solution. ProFinance employees now have the flexibility to access data from anywhere and work on their own applications.


  • With Acceleris, gained a central partner, a responsible server operation and required data security.
  • ProFinance benefited from reduced TCO, in contrast to an inhouse solutions because no invesmtment in equipment was needed.

We highly recommend Acceleris services and appreciate the collaboration.

Yves-Alain Dufaux, CEO AG

Challenges and precautions

To ensure a high-performance solution, the interaction of application and IT resources such as server performance , storage dimension and network bandwidth needs to be fully comprehended. A prerequisite, was the high quality collaboration between the AG and Acceleris AG as well as the clarity of responsibilities amongst all stakeholders.

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