Data Mavericks

Because you want to be outstanding

Regardless of industry or region you’re in, the new leaders are determined by their ability to crunch data smarter and faster than their competitors!

  • Typically, your analysis focuses only on the known unknowns, completely ignoring your unknown unknowns
  • Surfacing these blind spots makes the key difference in your analysis and subsequent decision making.
  • Further on, you even drive your innovation capability thanks to uncovering these unknowns!


And what is your heartbeat?

Gain massive advantage and real-time business transparency by applying data foresight. Turning your business into a truly data-driven organisation requires a different viewpoint and a unique set of skills and technology. We recommend starting your data transformation journey in the following 5 building blocks.

  • Business Analytics
  • DevOps – Delivery Modell
  • Security & Compliance
  • Intelligent IT Operations
  • Industrial Data & IoT

It’s time to crunch your data wave!


What is DATA Crunching?

Data crunching is what solves your huge data complexity riddle. Data crunching done right brings your organization to the next level and ensures your market leadership proactively. Based on our smart 3 steps fast track approach framework you’ll gain more and more value focusing on your needs.

  • Data & real-time driven
  • Smart & transparent
  • Lean & agile but human
  • Future aware
  • Flexible


The smart 3 steps fast track approach

The smart 3 steps fast track approach delivers value at no risk to your organization. In a first data crunching innovation WS we jointly determine the scenarios (user stories) which matter to you the most. A set of scenarios are then selected for realization and further refined/scoped. The remaining scenarios are placed in the fuel tank for subsequent processing, guaranteeing that projects are kept small and short.



user story collection: together we will identify and define the most valuable use cases for the 1st iteration with a rist roadmap to production


Show Case & Deliverable subset:
based on a defined DATA set we prepare a first minimal viable product for the specified subset of use cases


Sign off for dev, ops & launch: together we agree for the DATA Onboarding an start of dev,ops & launch phase.

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